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    Please allow us show you all our different types of styles we handle so you may have an idea of what you would love in your home! First off we have 4 different frame styles which is the outer portion of the window shutter.

Then we can also pick out a paint and paint finish for your window shutters we can do gloss semi gloss or high gloss. This gives the shutters or shiny or matte look to the paint.

We also have an option for a stained wood finish for your shutters of your choice which brings out the natural look of the quality wood we use.

 We also have many different type of arch windows weather they are joined together with the frame of a regular rectangular window shutter or its separate. We manufacture semi circles which is half a circle or full circles in different styles. If there is any special request or customization you would like we will try to do the best to accommodate your needs but in your free consultation we will explain anything else you missed here and we will have samples for you to see in person.



This type of frame is a flat modern sleek design nice and evenly squared for those that like a nice and simple and contemporary look.



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Our Minimal frame here is a simple rectangular frame looks very nice with the routing cut into all sides. The frame gives a minimal feeling to the house nice even sides with no panel or molding.



This is our Classic style and most popular style of framing with the mold on top of the frame and the routing strips going down the sides of the frame. We usually recommend this for customers who are unsure of what style would go best since it blends very nicely with any home.



Crown Molding

This is our frame with Crown Molding which has a nice sharp feel for the window shutter. It matches well with a kitchen that has a crown molding to go along. The crown molding also helps the window shutter stand out a little more in the room.

Paint and Finish

El Paso Shutters by Jorge and Maria

Stained Wood


This is a stained wooden window shutter with crown molding. You can see the fine details and beauty adding stain to bare or stripped wood can both change the color and highlight the grain pattern. In person the effect of the stained wood can truly be appreciated.

El Paso Shutters by Jorge and Maria

Painted Wood


These shutters have a straight high arch design and are painted with high-gloss paint. The paint gives these window shutters a really nice accent to the room and stand out more than the stained shutters on the left. They are the highlight of the room and take the spotlight with their beauty!

Arched Windows

El Paso Shutters by Jorge and Maria

Classic Arch

This is our regular Arched Window shutter it is adjustable to close off light or let it in. This style is also our most popular among our customers.


Shutters to the Top

This is the shutters to the top style a nice and very unique but simple style that goes lovely in your home.

El Paso Shutters by Jorge and Maria

Open Arched Window

This is our open Arched window designed to let some sunlight in. The panels are not adjustable and are in a fixed position which is flush with the window itself. This style give a nice open feel to the home.

Specialty Shutters


French Door

We can also install shutters on doors with windows. This is our french door design it has a sleek and modern design that completes your home.


Sliding Door Shutters

These are a beautiful addition to your home! We pride ourselves with our sliding doors a beautiful addition to any home!

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