Why shutters make perfect Eco-friendly homes

Everyone is interested in finding Eco-friendly solutions that we can easily implement for an economical and Eco friendly home. Shutters are one option that has the biggest impact! Window shutters have multiple environmental benefits we will explore the main ones.

Shutters keep the heat in during colder months

Windows are one of the quickest ways for heat to leave your house, of course insulation of your glass panes will keep gas usage and energy bills down. Our shutters will reduce heat loss to make your home more energy efficient.

It works just like double-glazing, shutters help to block like another layer of insulation in your window retaining warmth, while the ability to adjust the slats means you don’t have to compromise on less light.

Shutters cool a room down during summer

Our Custom shutters will also help to keep the temperature low. Tilting the slats during the day will diffuse direct sunlight entering the room, one of the biggest factors,  or completely closing them to deflect sunlight.

Control the temperature of your home with Custom shutters divided in half a popular alternative to blinds without the need for expensive air conditioning or electric fans. Open the upper slats for natural light while the lower louvers remain closed to keep a cooler climate.

Shutters are perfect for low-maintenance living

An advantage of our custom shutters is how low maintenance they are. Other window finishing such as curtains or blinds require thorough washing, but the effort needed to maintain the quality of shutters is minimal. A quick dust once a week to keep them fresh and remove dirt is all that’s required, meaning less water is wasted through cleaning.

shutters are stylish and sophisticated. They’re a fantastic addition to any eco-friendly home that will help keep your energy bills low. To get additional information and a free estimate call us today at 915-408-8916.

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